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Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct in Georgia: Problems With Your School is Where it Starts, But That is The Least of Your Worries

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Academic integrity is integral to any thriving learning environment—which is why academic misconduct is a serious violation

If you are accused of academic misconduct here in Georgia, issues with your school are the least of your worries. 

Without an experienced team of defense attorneys like the Frye Law Group by your side, academic misconduct could negatively impact your future—affecting your personal and professional reputation for years to come.

Examples of Academic Misconduct Violations in Georgia

While there are many different forms of academic misconduct, some of the most common academic misconduct charges that the Frye Law Group has managed involve:

  • Cheating – the unauthorized use of information, materials, devices, or sources
  • Plagiarism – the practice of presenting someone else’s work, or even ideas, as your own
  • Falsifications – altering information or creating false information
  • Complicity – the act of intentionally helping or attempting to help another person in academic misconduct

Other violations include code of conduct violations (hazing, stalking, bullying), Title IX violations (sexual harassment or misconduct), professional violations (professional misconduct within a specific field, such as the medical field), or academic shortfalls (such as academic remediation or probation).

How Does The Student Disciplinary Process Work in Georgia?

While every university’s disciplinary process is different across Georgia, and throughout the country, the framework that universities follow is typically the same:

  • An academic misconduct complaint is filed with the appropriate office at your university.
  • The disciplinary office team reviews the complaint thoroughly and, if warranted, investigates.
  • All parties facing academic misconduct charges are then notified of a formal hearing date with the school’s disciplinary committee.
  • During the formal hearing, the disciplinary committee will inform the student (or students) of the charge and provide them with an opportunity to speak to it.
  • The committee will then recommend and determine the repercussions.
  • The student is notified of the results and (depending on the charge) offered a chance to appeal.

Most Georgia students expect to face a mild reprimand only, so many students choose to simply “defend” themselves at such meetings—which is a big mistake. 

Please know that if you are charged with academic misconduct in Georgia and put in front of a student disciplinary committee, your future—both academically and professionally—is at risk.

Why Academic Misconduct Hearings in Georgia Can Put Your Future in Jeopardy

If you face academic misconduct violations in Georgia, the consequences go beyond just losing your spot within extracurricular subjects, being suspended, or facing expulsion from your school. 

You can:

  • Lose your tuition and the time you have placed towards your degree.
  • Pay restitution to the university (which is usually quite costly).
  • Receive a permanent notation on your academic record, affecting your ability to get hired.
  • Tarnish your reputation (academically, personally, and professionally) for years to come.
  • Be criminally charged.

Facing Academic Misconduct Charges in Georgia? The Frye Law Group Can Fight For You

Do not face a disciplinary committee alone, your future is too important to gamble with.

If you have an academic misconduct charge here in Georgia, the Frye Law Group can help you recover from these allegations, ensuring you receive the best possible outcome. You can rest assured that your future is in great hands.

Don’t allow a mistake to cost you the rest of your life. Schedule your free case evaluation with the Frye Law Group today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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