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Avoiding Conviction for Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes in Georgia

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Domestic violence or sex crime charges are not something you can afford to take lightly. If convicted of these felony crimes, you could face serious hardships, including a destroyed reputation, ruined finances, and loss of your freedom.

Kim Frye of the Marietta Frye Law Group recently wrote an eBook discussing these charges – Sex Crime and Domestic Violence: Avoid Being Convicted and Get Your Old Life Back.

In the book, you’ll find in-depth tips on navigating these challenging cases and information on working with a Georgia criminal defense attorney. 

Here’s some of the helpful information you’ll find in the eBook.

What to Do if You’re Facing a Felony Sex Crime or Domestic Violence Charge

Georgia has some of the strictest laws for registering sex offenders. If convicted, you’ll be forced to register as a sex offender and your life will forever be impacted. These are charges you certainly want to avoid a conviction for. 

Domestic violence doesn’t carry with it the same gravity as registering as a sex offender, but it’s still a serious offense. A felony charge on your record makes you a criminal in the eyes of employers, loan officers, and others. 

Some people make the mistake of assuming that their accuser will eventually back down on their claims of domestic violence. Letting your guard down and failing to immediately hire legal counsel will have detrimental effects on your case.

Never make assumptions and take your case very seriously.

Here are some crucial steps to take if you’re facing a sex crime or domestic violence charge:

  • Contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to get them involved in your case.
  • Do not talk to the police without your lawyer present. 
  • Engage your right to remain silent, also known as your Miranda Rights. 
  • Do not discuss details of your case while in custody – this includes doing so on the phone.
  • Avoid contacting anyone the police have specifically instructed you not to contact.

Understanding Criminal Case Processes

Criminal case processes are unique based on the factors of the case. However, here’s an overview of the steps you can generally expect during a criminal case:

  • Investigation and arrest
  • Indictment/accusation
  • Arraignment
  • Calendar call
  • Motions hearings
  • Plea
  • Diversion and accountability courts
  • Trial

Check out the full eBook for more details on what takes place during each of these criminal case processes.

The Role of Your Georgia Criminal Defense Attorney

Part of the challenge in navigating a felony charge alone is not really knowing what to expect or how to build a case for yourself. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney on your side. 

The prosecution will also have an experienced attorney working to prove your guilt. You want to have an even better attorney working to defend you. 

Your criminal defense attorney will engage in the following important steps throughout your case:

  • Analyzing your case and conducting a full case investigation
  • Evaluating weaknesses in the state’s case against you to exploit those weaknesses
  • Developing an expert defense based on the unique circumstances of your case
  • Lining up witnesses to help your case, cross-examining the state’s witnesses, and calling evidence into question
  • Providing advice and expertise on plea bargain offers from the prosecution to ensure the best outcome for you

Contact Kim Frye for More Information on Felony Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Charges

Download the full eBook for more information about building a criminal defense against these types of charges. Each case is unique and will require a unique defense strategy. 

Once you review the eBook, feel free to schedule a free consultation with Frye Law Group. We’ll evaluate your case and advise on next steps. All phone conversations and video conferencing with our team are secure and protected.

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