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DUI Defense

Emotional distress and drunk driving cases in Cobb County

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Being pulled over for a DUI in Cobb County Georgia is often like opening a can of worms in a person’s life. 

What starts out as a poor judgment call can snowball and end up impacting them in many ways – from issues in their relationship to negative consequences in the workplace. Coworkers could gossip about the incident, damaging your reputation because word got around about the DUI.

When you’re facing a drunk driving case, it can be hard to make sense of everything. If you’re currently in the midst of dealing with a DUI charge and need the help of a professional, you don’t have to approach this alone. At Frye Law Group, our Cobb County criminal defense attorneys do everything we can to find the most favorable outcome possible.

Psychological Effects of a DUI Arrest and Conviction in Cobb County Georgia

If you look at the statistics, most DUIs are committed by first-time offenders

While it may not be the first time they’ve been drunk behind the wheel, it’s the first time they’ve been caught. These people have never been in any sort of legal trouble before in their lives. Going from having a clean record to having such a severe charge can seriously impact one’s mental health.


Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for those charged with a DUI to become depressed. The penalties that you face can make it easy to pull away from friends, family, and other things that are important due to shame. When you combine the amount of stress with financial problems and loss of independence, it’s not surprising that depression is common.

Severe Stress

A DUI conviction can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re facing hefty fines, jail time, or both. Life doesn’t stop because you made a mistake, and now you have more expenses to add on top of your current ones. If you’re no longer allowed to drive, it can also be stressful to arrange rides all the time.

Loss of Independence

One of the most common ways that a DUI can impact you is loss of independence. If your driving privileges have been suspended or revoked you’re now stuck relying on public transit, Uber, Lyft, or the goodwill of your friends, family, and coworkers to get around.

Financial Stress

Financial stress is something that can lead to serious depression and anxiety. There are a lot of costs associated with a DUI conviction, from attorney fees and court costs to DUI school and fines for the crime itself.

Coping With the Effects of a Cobb County DUI Charge

While it may feel like you’ll never be done dealing with your DUI, it won’t be like this forever. There are some ways you can cope with the after-effects of your DUI:

  • Don’t push away those close to you; your support system is more important than ever right now
  • Keep up with your physical health, as exercise is a great way to keep depression at bay
  • Knowledge is power – reduce stress by learning what you can about your DUI charges
  • Avoid alcohol as it is a depressant and can make the depressive feelings worse
  • Contact an experienced Cobb County DUI defense attorney to help you through your case

Frye Law Group Can Help You Through the Stress of Your Cobb County DUI Case

When you’re arrested for a DUI and you’ve been dealing with the emotional aftermath, you don’t have to take this on by yourself. Contact a Cobb County DUI attorney to help you navigate the next steps. With Frye Law Group on your side, you’ll be able to face your fines and penalties with the help of an experienced attorney.

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You will be headed west and cross over Cobb Parkway (US 41).

Continue until you get to the intersection with Atlanta Street.

At the traffic light turn right onto Atlanta St. (going north).

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Prior to entering the Square, you will see Anderson Street a block before the Square.

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