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We won! I so appreciate Kim Frye’s dedication and fierceness. I was falsely accused of a crime. Kim did not let up until the charges were dropped, the case dismissed and the record expunged. The incident was scary and overwhelming. It would have been so much worse with out Ms. Frye’s defense. I needed someone to level the playing field. She flattened it! I trust Kim. Her confidence was very comforting. Being innocent or right, doesn’t always matter when you say it especially if the offending party wears a badge. I am so thankful that Kim was my defender and my voice. Mega bonus - I didn’t have to say one word. Thank you Kim Frye. I am forever grateful.

Jennifer G

I am out of state and needed someone to handle a legal issue in Georgia. I was fortunate enough to receive a referral to Attorney Kim Frye. Prior to receiving that referral I spent hours calling 19 different attorneys in Georgia. Attorney Frye was clear and honest and responded quickly to my questions. In common, easy to understand language, Attorney Frye detailed what would need to occur, the steps that would need to be taken, and the possible outcomes. At no time did she guarantee success, however, she clearly was committed to doing the best job possible. In all of my communications, I felt that Attorney Frye was honest, trustworthy and an advocate for successful resolution of my legal issue. Four days after retaining Attorney’s Frye’s services she resolved my legal issue. The fee was extremely reasonable and the service was SUPERB!!!! I highly recommend that you utilize Attorney Frye for your legal needs – it is well worth it!


Kim is a well-prepared, thorough lawyer with an excellent understanding of the law and courtroom. Once she stepped in and took over my husband’s case it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. From the start she believed in us, believed we had been wronged the first time around. She was very passionate about my husband's case, she truly cared about the case and about us as people. Kim is worth every penny she charges and more! She kept us informed every step of the way. She was always very pleasant to talk to over the phone and in person, explained everything in a way we could understand. Kim gave our family our life back and we will forever be grateful for all her hard work and dedication.


I was given Ms. Frye's name after talking with someone about my case and how the attorney I had hired at the time was doing absolutely nothing to help me. I met with Ms. Frye and after discussing my case with her, I immediately knew that I wanted her to represent me. From the beginning, she told me what I was looking at, the possibilities of what could happen and what I could expect. I left her office feeling somewhat relieved that I now had an attorney whom I felt was going to fight for me and very confident that I had made the right decision. She got my charge reduced to reckless driving and since I had gotten all my requirements done, reduced fine and no probation! Kim is AWESOME! I wouldn't hesitate recommending her to anyone. Hands down....she's the BEST!


Kim was there when we and our son needed her. It was such a relief for our son to meet with her and tell his side of the story. We found Kim to be no nonsense, to the point, determined, and caring. We left Georgia with confidence she would battle for our son's innocence. And when it came to showing up in court, she got the case dismissed when there could have been a continuance. We are very grateful this nightmare is over and we can move forward. Thank you, Kim, for being there. You stand for right and truth and are willing to be tough when tough is needed. We like your style!


“I am a 71 year old senior. I have never had trouble with law enforcement. I come from a family of Law Enforcements workers. It was very regrettable that I was involved in an altercation with someone I had nurtured as a child. She called the police, they arrested me. I was charged with a felony. I was scared senseless. My sons started looking for an attorney. This was all new to us. The quotes and level of customer service was not encouraging. My son found The Frye Law Group, and immediately it just felt right. I finally took a deep breath. The level of customer service was highly professional, yet there was always great concern, for my needs. The rates were by far the best we had been quoted. I finally got my first sleep, after signing with The Frye Law Group. They were patient with my many repeated simple, questions. They replied promptly to my many calls, visits and emails. They were in court to speak for me. They explained that it couLd take some time, but they would work with me. I am grateful to The Frye Law Group that this case has been dismissed.”

Dan M.

“Kim and her team were professional, compassionate and maintained an open-line of communication for any concerns or questions I had. In the court room, Kim displayed a commanding presence that was not only impressive, but also comforting. When we spoke, she was positive and personable. The determination and tireless efforts from the Frye Law Group to achieve a desired resolve, saved my career and brought closure to challenging period in my life.”


“I write to express my humble gratitude for your kindness and generosity and for the effort you extended on my behalf. In my visits with G, he has expressed only the highest praise and extolled admiration for your values, dedication and commitment toward those who seek your service. In many ways I see in your work the mark of ministry in that you bring compassion, commitment and confidence to those needing such support. In the smallest effort you spent on my behalf I understand his admiration to be well placed. Please convey to Ms. [Jenny] Mason as well my gratitude and appreciation for her kindness, compassion and professionalism. I shall pray for your continued success to make truth and true justice manifest.”

Keene R.

“My experience with FryeLawGroup was more than I anticipated. The level of professionalism, care and respect went above and beyond my expectations. I am grateful for my experience with them and would recommend the Frye Law Group professionals to anyone needing council.”

Robin Barnew-Wynn

“A situation came up in our family where we needed help. I never had to deal with something like this and we were very nervous. A friend recommended Kim Frye. I am so glad he did. Kim was excellent from the first meeting and now we have nothing but bright futures ahead of us. If you are looking for a lawyer and confused and stressed like I was, you can't go wrong with Kim Frye.”

Dan M.

“Choosing Kim Frye for our daughter's defense attorney is by far one of the best decisions we've ever made. From our consultation appointment through the closing of the case, every person in the office made us feel heard, respected and protected. Kim was communicative, candid, compassionate, and truly advocated for our daughter. Her excellent advice, guidance and persistence paid off with our daughter's case having the best resolution possible.”


“I highly recommend Kim Frye. We had a situation that came up in our family and I had no clue on how to handle it. A friend recommended Kim Frye and it was the best advice that I received. We hired Kim and it was the best decision we ever made. If you’re confused and scared and don't know where to turn Kim is excellent.”

Dan McKay

“I received Ms. Frye's name from a co-worker. She highly recommended her and suggested I check with her on my son's situation. Ms. Frye had a lot of expertise with clients that have a mental illness. She had previously worked with the local NAMI group, which let me know she cares and understands about those with mental illness. She had been involved with different levels of our situation prior and informed us of how the system usually works, since we had not been involved in legal issues before. It helped to know she "gets it" when it comes to mental illness, which the system does not. She kept my son informed as each step progressed because he was the client, that is why I was not always up to date on every detail. I really appreciated her help and approach.”

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