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Using a Fake ID In Georgia Is a Bigger Deal Than You Might Think

By March 14, 2022No Comments

You are likely aware that alcohol cannot be consumed or purchased under federal law until the age of 21. You are also probably aware that this does not stop underage people from trying to buy or consume alcohol through the use of fake IDs.

However, since fake IDs are used so commonly by minors, you may not have known that using a fake ID in the state of Georgia has serious legal consequences.

If you face charges of possessing a fake ID here in Georgia, the Frye Law Group can help you work on your defense. A criminal charge could muddle the bright future ahead of you—and hiring an experienced Georgia criminal defense attorney is the best way to mitigate that risk.

What Does Georgia State Law Say About Using Fake IDs?

Under Georgia Code Title 16. Crimes and Offenses §16.9.4, “It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly possess, display, or use any false, fictitious, fraudulent, or altered identification…”.

Doing so means that you’re viable for imprisonment of a year or longer.

Suppose the fake ID was used by a minor to purchase alcohol. In that case, there could also be accompanying penalties and charges, including “minor in possession of alcohol” or “minor in possession of drugs.” 

A student can also face academic probation or suspension from school. 

With the help of Frye Law Group, it is possible to minimize these consequences.

What Are the Consequences of Possessing a Fake ID in Georgia?

Like any other form of identification, a Georgia State ID is used to determine your identity. It has your photo, name, age, and address. This could be a Georgia Driver’s License or Non-Driver’s license, as well as a federal form of identification, such as a U.S. passport.

If you are caught with a fake ID in Georgia, without the Frye Law Group by your side, you could face:

  • A misdemeanor conviction that results in up to 12-months in jail
  • A felony conviction that leads to 10-years in the state prison system (maximum)
  • A driver’s license suspension

It is important to note that the charge associated with crime usually depends on the type of fake ID and how the person holding it planned to use it (or used it). 

For example, using false identification to purchase alcohol does not usually result in as high a penalty as trying to gain employment or conduct business using a fake ID. 

Why you should contact the Frye Law Group if you’re accused of using a fake ID in Georgia

If you have been charged with possessing a fake ID in Georgia, a criminal conviction could negatively impact your future. The good news is that an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide you with an aggressive defense strategy so that this one mistake doesn’t affect the rest of your life. 

While it may be intimidating to face such extensive charges, The Frye Law Group is here to help. Contact us today to schedule a free and confidential consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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