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What are the differences between murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter?

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Almost all sudden or unusual deaths result in a police investigation, so what can happen to you if somebody dies and you’re being charged? There are a few different kinds of death-related charges, and the main ones are murder, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter.

These terms are often thrown around in movies and TV shows without being specifically defined. So what are the differences between these types of death crimes?

Criminal Defense Attorney Kim Frye is here to answer all your questions.

What is murder?

The simplest explanation of murder is when someone plans out and commits a killing with no legal justification (i.e, self-defense).

A slightly more complicated charge of murder is a felony murder, which is where a person commits a felony and someone dies because of that felony. For example, two friends decide to rob a bank, and during the robbery one of the thieves shoots and kills someone. His friend can be charged with felony murder even if he didn’t pull the trigger himself.

In Georgia, murder carries a mandatory life sentence without parole for 30 years.

What is voluntary manslaughter?

Voluntary manslaughter is usually where a death results after provocation or through some justifiable manner. Often we hear this type of killing referred to as done in a “heat of passion.”

For example, a man finds his wife in bed with another man and kills the other man immediately.

Because voluntary manslaughter is not thought-out like regular murder, sentences and penalties can vary.

What is involuntary manslaughter?

Involuntary manslaughter is considered even more different from murder. Usually treated as a felony in most states, involuntary manslaughter is typically when a death occurs when someone is acting recklessly or committing another crime without intent to kill. One of the most common examples of involuntary manslaughter is when someone is driving under the influence and kills someone on the road.

While the penalties for involuntary manslaughter are not as intense as murder and voluntary manslaughter, they can still result in imprisonment.

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