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What Are The Statutory Rape Laws in Georgia?

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If you are looking to engage in sexual relations in the state of Georgia, it is vital to understand how the age of consent laws work. No matter how old somebody may look or even if the person in question happens to lie about their age, this is not a defense against a statutory rape accusation if you are the older party. According to Age of Consent, the age of sexual consent in the state of Georgia is 16 years old. 

This means that if, as an adult over the age of 18, you have sexual relations with an individual who is 15 years or younger in the state of Georgia, you will be held liable for statutory rape if that person is not your spouse. It is notable that Georgia does not have so-called Romeo and Juliet laws. This means that there are no specific laws in place to protect individuals who may be close in age if one is under the age of consent. So if one individual is 19 and the other individual is 15, the nineteen-year-old may very well be held accountable for statutory rape. 

However, the general standard in Georgia is that if the potential victim of statutory rape is no more than four years younger than the legal adult, then the legal adult will be charged with a misdemeanor as opposed to a felony if the case is brought to court. The state of laws in Georgia make it so that if two individuals who are under the age of 16 engage in sexual contact with each other it is possible that they may both be charged with statutory rape. However, this is very rare. 

Understanding statutory rape in Georgia is necessary to ensure that you are on the right side of the law. 


From I-75: Exit at the Highway 120 (South Marietta Parkway) (Exit #263) and follow the signs to KSU Marietta Campus.

You will be headed west and cross over Cobb Parkway (US 41).

Continue until you get to the intersection with Atlanta Street.

At the traffic light turn right onto Atlanta St. (going north).

Atlanta Street will take you straight to the Marietta Square.

Prior to entering the Square, you will see Anderson Street a block before the Square.

Turn Right onto Anderson Street. The Lawyer’s Building will be on your right.