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What If My Georgia Lawyer Won’t Call Me Back?

By June 29, 2022No Comments

Lawyers sometimes get a bad rap.

But when you have started working with a lawyer and then they suddenly stop communicating with you and will not return your calls, you have every right to be frustrated. 

From our team of dedicated Georgia defense attorneys at the Frye Law Group, here are some tips on how to deal with a lawyer who does not call you back or try to help you.

Why Is My Georgia Lawyer Not Responding to Me?

Your attorney is responsible for communicating with you and should always return your calls in a timely manner. 

Unfortunately, some attorneys are not very professional and might ignore your calls or take days or weeks to respond to you. 

Many lawyers have heavy caseloads and are busy, which can cause them to forget about calling a client back. 

In other situations, if the case is at a standstill, your lawyer might not be calling you weekly since they have no news to inform you of. 

My lawyers have a case management system where you can safely communicate through messages, get updates and see any future court dates for your case.  Look for an organized office that has staff and back up systems to make sure you can get information.

Additionally, remember that your lawyer is there to inform you about your case and to give you legal advice. If you need to vent to someone about the case, try to reach out to friends and family. If you do not have someone you trust, you can consider seeing a therapist or counselor. If you are constantly calling your lawyer and treating them like a therapist, they might begin to avoid your calls. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that it’s perfectly okay to call your lawyer when there is an emergency – but make sure the emergency is real. Do not call and say it’s an emergency just to get the lawyer’s attention if the situation is not a real emergency.

Try to Communicate With Your Lawyer in Person

If you’re having trouble getting your lawyer to respond, try get an in-person appointment. Call the office or their assistant and ask to see them in person. 

At the appointment, express your concerns and explain that you feel stressed when you are not getting a response. 

You can ask for a few things:

  • An estimated timeline of your case
  • A schedule for when you can meet with the lawyer again to discuss progress
  • A report on the work the lawyer has done so far so you can make sure the case is progressing

If there is an associate lawyer on the case, you might also want to get their number and ask them for updates when the lawyer is too busy to call you themselves. You can also direct some of your concerns to the assistant or the paralegal. 

If your lawyer outright refuses to return your call and will also not meet with you, you are working with the wrong lawyer.

How Do I Know If My Lawyer is Doing Their Job?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know at the time if your attorney is doing their job adequately or not.

Here are a few tactics to get an idea of where you stand:

  • Ask them what progress is being made with the case though. They should always be willing to share case updates with you. This is an easy way you can investigate whether the job is being done well or not. 
  • You can also get a copy of your file. This should have all the related court and government documents in it. It should also have all correspondence. 
  • If you are doubting how the lawyer is handling your case, you can get a second opinion from another lawyer.

Contact the Frye Law Group for a Lawyer You Can Trust

At the end of the day, your lawyer should be someone you trust wholeheartedly – with your case, and with your time. If you feel your time is not being respected, you may want to start looking for another attorney.

Here at Frye Law Group, our team of Marietta defense lawyers are always ready to hear your concerns. We work hard to make sure all of our clients know their worth and know exactly where we are with their case at all times. Contact us today to discuss working together on your case.

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