Referring Attorneys in Marietta, GA

Our team at Frye Law Group welcomes referrals at any point in the litigation process.

We protect citizens when the government wants to jail them. And when we walk into a courtroom, the gloves come off.

Our team accepts referrals from attorneys looking to amplify their resources and work together to fight for their clients’ freedom.

Attorneys should feel confident choosing to work with Frye Law Group because they know we are dedicated to their clients’ outcome — that this is what we do, and we want to help.

Why partner with our firm?

Our attorneys at Frye Law Group have specific training in fighting capital cases like murder and rape, as well as extensive knowledge of field and lab testing procedures, making us exceptionally well-equipped to fight DUI cases and other science-backed cases in front of a jury.

We mandate over 100 specialized hours of training every year. We work with scientists and doctors who are on the cutting edge of forensics.

But above all, we never lose our dedication to our clients and our respect for the process that may currently be upending their lives.

We’d love to connect via Zoom to discuss how we can learn more about your practice for our Team100 referral list and become your VIP REFERRAL for criminal defense cases that come your way? When are you free?

If you want to discuss a case transfer or collaboration – give us a call at 770-919-9525 or feel free to shoot me an email directly at


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