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Criminal Defense Services

DUI Defense

It’s so important to call a knowledgeable lawyer immediately if you do ever get charged with a DUI.

Drug Crime Defense

Drug charges come in many forms — from misdemeanors that may result in probation to felonies, some of which could carry a sentence up to life in prison.

Domestic Violence Defense

If you have been charged with family law violence, obey the court order. A civil hearing and a criminal case may be in your future, and you need legal representation.

Juvenile Defense

For more serious crimes, a minor can be charged and tried in adult court. Enlist the help of one of our juvenile defense lawyers to help you bear the burden.

Probation Termination

Frye Law Group, LLC stands ready to assist clients who wish to pursue the option to terminate their probation early and move on with their lives.

Child Molestation Defense

Read on to learn more about child molestation laws in Georgia and how hiring an attorney with experience defending these types of cases will help you if you’ve been accused.

Child Pornography Defense

At Frye Law Group, we understand the fear and anxiety you are facing. Our experienced criminal defense team will tailor your case’s legal defense and provide aggressive representation.

Sexual Assault & Rape Charges

Like all charges in the U.S., there is of course the presumption of innocence, but the accusation of sexual assault or rape alone can lead to repercussions in someone’s personal and professional life.

Sex Offender Registration Removal

Frye Law Group, LLC is an experienced criminal defense firm in Marietta that regularly helps registered sex offenders get removed from the registry.

Pre-arrest criminal investigation

Learn more about pre-arrests and pre-warrants and how to hire the Frye Law Group below.

Misconduct Defense

If you are accused of academic misconduct, it’s important to speak with a lawyer who can help you prepare your defense.

Kim Frye knows how the game is played.

And she knows that most situations aren’t black and white.

A former prosecutor and lifelong advocate for justice, Kim Frye will listen to your story
and help you find the best possible outcome for your case.

Call today to take back your future: 770-919-9525

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